The picturesque village of Southwick lies at the heart of Southwick Estate. The village is situated six miles north of Portsmouth in Hampshire and within the district authority of Winchester. Southwick means ‘south dairy farm’ and at some point, this farm grew into a small village. Between 1143-53 the Augustian monks from Portchester founded Southwick Priory. After the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII he sold the assets on the 15 March 1539 to John Whyte.

Southwick Estate is privately owned and managed by Robin Thistlethwayte and his son Mark who are the descendants of John Whyte. The Estate owns almost the entirety of the main village with the exception of Southwick House, as this was requisitioned by the government during World War II and compulsorily purchased in 1950. It is now primarily used as a training centre by the MoD tri-service Defence College of Policing and Guarding.

Southwick Estate comprises approximately 7,600 acres and lies to the north of Portsdown Hill from Waterlooville to Knowle. The Estate includes some 17 farms, 164 dwellings and numerous commercial premises.

Southwick Estate owner is also the Master of Southwick and holds the offices and dignities of Lay Prior, Ordinary, Patron and Rector of the Peculiar and Parish of Southwick, and Boarhunt. This includes the parish churches of St James without the Priory Gate, Southwick and St Nicholas, South Boarhunt.

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TThere are seventeen farms on the estate, some of which are let out to tenants and others that are managed by the Estate. The land varies from light loam in the south, to clay in the north.

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The Estate owns over 160 dwellings, ranging from one-bedroomed cottages to significant houses and lets these out on long term tenancies.

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There are over 50 commercial properties on the estate that include workshops, offices, retail shops and public houses.

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The actively managed woodland comprises approximately 1,250 acres of mainly ancient semi natural woodland or ancient woodland sites.

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The Estate continues to support and host a wide range of traditional country sports.

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